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Rainbow Hair!!!

Yup, today is one of those days where I am totally in love with my new career. As we all know, I love color….hair color being one of my favorite things to do! My co-workers daughter came in with this super-cute picture of a girl with choppy layers (emos-style) and heavy bangs with color streaks throughout. I immediately shrieked like a little girl! Super freekin excited when people come in and say “i want PINK hair”….duh…?? why wouldn’t you want pink hair :). Anyways, as i lightened her hair, rinsed it out, I felt like a kid at Christmastime. It is seriously that big of a deal. I dry it and apply the color to the pieces. . . . . 30 minutes under the dryer for an instant rainbow. How amazing is that????? Oh BTW check out my stylist page and “LIKE” it. I’m trying to get 200 likes here….so share… share …share…please .

Purple bangs!!!! She loved how bright they turned out :)…..anddddd *drumroll*

The back 🙂

Magenta and Turquoise peeks out through her layers in the back for instant rockstar status 🙂 LOVE IT!

Had a ton of fun (3 hours of it) doing rainbow hair today. It makes me happy. I also have done tie-dye hair…check out these pics from several months back. Basically I pre-lightened the ends of her hair and grabbed sections of hair and applied several different colors to each…..sat her under the dryer for 30 minutes….and the results were absolutely gorgeous. Stop in to “A Personal Look” in Salisbury, Maryland to get some “rainbow tie-dyed hair”.

Applying the color!

Rinsing out the rainbowsssss

Voila!!! Gorgeous 🙂

A pretty bun

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Hello world!

Whoooo Hoo!!!…..I’ve finally decided to stop spamming the crap out of Facebook with my constant pictures of girly things and glitter. So, now you can follow me on my blog to keep up-to-date with my “oh-so interesting” life i lead as a dessert queen/makeup junkie/future bride/whoever I decide to be that day….etc.etc. I’m really stoked and would like to stay up all sorts of hours right now writing a long ass blog..however my eyes are failing to stay open. Time for a late night snack (which would be a delicious pumpkin protein muffin, recipe shall be posted tomorrow because they are AMAZING) and some beauty sleep….. ❤

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