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Rainbows in my hair……Pravana color rocks!

on August 11, 2013

On another note, I’ve done something amazing to my hair….yea it may be a tad bit fried..but it still looks amazing! I now have rainbow hair, I mean…A “for real rainbow” in my hair….Pravana colors are amazing as us stylists know. They last quite a bit longer than most semi-permanent fashion colors. Check it out! I lightened this part of my hair basically to a really really light blonde. This allows the colors to show up very vivid because it takes away the dark pigment leaving room for the color to show up very bright on the blonde! Image

Make sure you use gloves and cover your surroundings up with towels because this stuff stains bad….my pretty sink with the pretty colors 🙂



Voila! After washing!…….




My doggy loves it too 🙂 She’s a papillon if you are curious…no she is NOT a long-haired chihuahua….grr.


Pravana colors are the best! The green is Tressa Extremers…I ended up having to redo the green because it faded way too quickly. But yes, this is probably how my hair will be from now on 🙂



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