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I’m Mrs. Bozman!!….. 6/1/13

on August 11, 2013


All photography: Ashley Holloway of Laurel, Delaware….Check her out! She is absolutely amazing!!



Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here, but I done ran off and got hitched! Yup, it finally happened! All that planning and stressing….it was a PERFECT day. When I say perfect, I mean, no rain….it was gorgeous and sunny and a perfect 86 degrees. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Being surrounded by your entire family and friends was such an amazing feeling. The day went by so so fast….as I’ve been told that it would. I have such fond memories of this day in all the wonderful pictures our photographer took. If there is anything for your wedding that you skimp on, make sure it isn’t the photographer. I could’ve cared a less about a photo booth or a videographer……noone cares about people wearing moustaches or hipster sunglasses..seriously?…spend the extra on a good photographer. You will not be disappointed.

How did I have time to plan for a wedding you ask? Well, I wasn’t one of those girls that gets married as soon as I got the ring. I basked in the greatness of being a fiance’ for awhile….yes, I was engaged for about  22 months….and yes, I was happy about that. It gave me some time to save up for the “must-have” things…for example…these $328 Kate Spade shoes!!Image

Photo courtesy of Ashley Holloway of AD Photography + Design, Laurel, Delaware,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_S942345-P_color=650&cgid=katespade-root#q=charm&start=1&cgid=katespade-root

And now I have a fabulous pair of pretty glittery heels to wear forever…and yes they are comfy. Unfortunately, I cut the bottom of my foot the day before the wedding and had to take them off immediately after the ceremony. They are super comfy though! My shoes were almost as much as my dress was. I went to a local wedding dress boutique in Salisbury, Maryland  (Amber Nicoles Bridal Shop)


The owner, Jodi is fabulous! She was amazing and such a pleasure to work with. My dress was literally my most favorite part of the wedding. I LOVED IT! I ended up going with a Maggie Sottero gown (Miri) .

It had a dropped waist, sweetheart neckline, organza ruffles everywhere with an asymmetrical waistline. I added a rhinestone belt to it to bling it up a little. It was absolutely perfect, and I only spent $450 on it. 🙂 I was a very happy bride!




Bridesmaids dresses were from Patsy’s Bridal in Salisbury, Md ( They are Prettymaids style #22537….the girls there are just wonderful and were so helpful with helping me decide on colors. ….The girls LOVED THEM! The girls ended up wearing nude strappy heels with a colored ribbon tied around their ankle to match each dress. They were so pretty!Image

Each of their bouquets were daisey’s that were sprayed a lighter color to match their dress. I added a felt heart into each of them as a finishing touch. I LOVE LITTLE DETAILS!Image

So, the guys….well, they had to match the ladies….i ended up having them wear a pastel version of the girl they were walking with. It ended up being really pretty. And instead of the boutineers for them, we did the felt hearts to match. How handsome were these groomsmen??Image

The groom wore a multicolored felt heart boutineer!


Overall, I can honestly say i had the best Rainbow Wedding ever…with the hottest bridal party 🙂 Check us out!Image

More details to come on DIY weddings….. 🙂 Time to enjoy the rest of my weekend….or whats left of it :/



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