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Beach day!

So today we FINALLY got a nice beach day…it’s been pretty rainy every Sunday the past few weeks. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today…and we got to take the pups with us. They love the beach!

Isn’t he the cutest…..

The ride home was very quiet…. 2 tuckered out little pups…

I must say we are very lucky to be about 30 minutes from the beach…its a beautiful view from Roaring Point down in Tyaskin, MD….maybe Tyaskin?? Don’t know..but its somewhere down yonder..
Be jealous 🙂

So the wedding planning is…well…still going..I think we have decided on our venue. It’s actually a little farther than I wanted it to be but it’s definitely in our budget and its BEAUTIFUL!! It reminds me of the original place we had set our sights on. It’s Caroline Country Club in Denton, Maryland and is lovely. The people were very friendly…sweet ass dance floor…by the Choptank River (has a dock you can walk out on)…and a very spacious dressing room! Everything we want. Hopefully we will be meeting with the coordinator this week sometime to get the date set in stone. I’m stoked! Now we can start planning…again.That’s about all that is going on with the wedding planning but the salon has been hopping! I brought in the most this week that I think I’ve ever done since I started working there. I’m definitely getting busier. I entered the “Show Your Vivids” contest for the Pravana color line and I couldn’t have asked for it to turn out better! The theme I picked was “Siren of the Sea”…I worked with greens, blues, and yellows to make a mermaid out of my friend Katie. She was a great model!!
Here is her before and after shoot…I really hope I win!!

Doesn’t she look excited!!!

After 3 hours of coloring and glitter and teasing…….

Mermaid Katie!!!

Me having some fun at A Personal Look in Salisbury, Md 🙂

Neon splatter toes!!

I just love the way this looks! Thanks to Pinterest I’ve lost endless amounts of hours looking at new stuff for nails…its ridic…check out the color blocked nails…

Also I’ve been seeing this “heart-braid” and decided to try it…its actually pretty easy and super cute ..

Pretty heart braid I did this week at work…

I just love my job…I’m glad I can say that. It’s so fun!
Anyways, gotta get back to relaxing before Monday comes…ughh..oh and we got the rest of our engagement photos back and I’m in love…here are just a few of my favs…check out our photographer!! she is one talented chick! “Like” her page while u are at it 🙂

Check out her page to see more!! LOVE THEM!!! Have a great rest of the weekend…

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