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Wedding planning…..

on July 7, 2012

So it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve blogged about anything….Feelsbadman. However, I’ve been super busy with the wedding planning as well as getting engagement photos done. Which by the way, turned out absolutely amazing!!! It was done in a 1950’s pin-up vintage theme. Our photographers name was Ashley Holloway ( of AD Photography and Design, and she did a fabulous job and was so fun to work with! Check out her facebook page. Here’s just one of the pics….. super cute šŸ™‚

and heres one more….


Ok, so our venue….yea….venue…such a crappy word right now…touchy subject actually. We have to find a new place to have it due to the fact it may not be there next June. I’m pretty upset about it actually but, there isn’t anything we can do…according to the fiance’… we are on the search for one by the water…can hold 150+ people….thats close to Salisbury, MD….and has everything all in 1 place…reception and a place for an outdoor wedding….oh and i forgot to mention…one that’s reasonably priced. Now i know why there are such things as “bridezilla’s”.
On a lighter note….i FINALLY went dress shopping!!! The best part of wedding planning and I can’t believe i waited that long to go…its crazy how much fun it is. No, I didn’t find “the one”….so I will be going again soon…hopefully to Delaware. The girls at Amber Nicole Bridal in Salisbury were so nice and accomadating. We didn’t have an appointment to try on dresses but she said she would work us in. I found a couple there I loved šŸ™‚ drop-waist style with ruffles and lots of beading! Oh and I think i found my bridesmaids dress too…here are my colors…

Rainbow colors šŸ™‚ my theme is “Caribbean Beach”….yes i will be having tropical colored starfish everywhere…NBD.
Enough with the wedding stuff, I have been doing some awesome hair color at work…
Check out this “rainbow colors” in her hair…with Pravana color (which by the way is amazing!)

title=”jess1″ width=”224″ height=”300″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-122″ />

I love it! It turned out so vibrant and so pretty..she was so happy with it.
Oh, and here’s a pretty braid I did today on my friend Chelsea for her Dad’s wedding

Such a pretty braid..her hair is gorgeous!
Oh and how cute are these nails?? Maribeth at the salon did them for my photo shoot! AGhhh…everyone loved them

And the newest thing for nails! Splatter painting….you apply the basecoat and color coat that you want….and then use a coffee stirrer dipped in any acrylic color of choice and just flick it onto the nail in a splattering motion… its really sweet looking

Amazingness….oh and I just figured out a way to make instant vanilla icecream that tastes homemade so I’m off to eat the rest of the blender full…



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