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By the way….I’m engaged…

on June 6, 2012

So, this is a little late to post…..but I got engaged…in Hawaii…on Waikiki Beach…..this past November. I just wanted to mention it due to the fact I will probably be posting stuff on how the planning is going. And hopefully give some ladies advice on how to plan a cost-effective wedding while working 2 jobs and having a life. Honestly, the first thing everyone asked is “when are you getting married???”. Well if I had said 6 months from November, I would’ve hoped that someone would have slapped me in my face. Seriously… I’m so glad I picked a year and a half long engagement. June 1, 2013 is our date ๐Ÿ™‚ย  we are having it outside on the water at Green Hill Yacht & Country Club in Quantico, Md right off the Wicomico River. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I’m stoked. We have put our deposit down to hold the date…so the big part is done. I called our possible officiant back today and he marked us down for next year….that’s now checked off my list. Guest list is coming along…so far we have narrowed it down from 210 people to about 185 now. I’d really like to get that down to 150……185 is ALOT. Folks….that is probably the hardest part of this wedding planning yet. I have to drink a bottle of wine in order to not feel so bad when I cross people off. :/ Feelsbadman.

Oh and here’s my beautiful ring!!!!!


He did such a good job!… sneaky sneaky…

And heres Hawaii…i loved it. I miss it sooooo much, cant wait to go back for our 5 year anniversary ๐Ÿ˜‰

North Shore ๐Ÿ™‚


The first thing I did when I got off the plane was plant my feet into that clear water!! It was so amazing…I’d never seen anything like it before. The water here in Maryland is so mucky…you can’t see your hand a foot under…..or probably even 6 inches under.


If you haven’t been to Hawaii… need to go now…you won’t regret it. It’s truly paradise ๐Ÿ™‚




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