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It’s the freekin weekend………

on May 27, 2012

So, I have been super busy at the salon this week!! My lower back is killing me….pedicures pedicures PEDICURES. Don’t mind them but I’d rather be doing hair. But hey, money is money πŸ™‚
It’s the weekend…and a holiday weekend at that….which means I actually have a regular weekend… 2 days off in a row??? Unheard of. I’m loving it. I never got to post “after” pics of my pink hair…and by the way…it turned out FABULOUS..check check it out..

AMAZINGNESS!! Not pastel pink…but a beautiful hot pink shade. Pravana Vivids are the best!

I also did an up-do this weekend for a local middle schools formal…and it turned out sooo pretty. The little girl had amazing hair. I love when they come in with awesome hair to work with. She had the most beautiful wave in her hair which definitely made it easier to style…
Lookie here….

Basically, I had some fun this week at the salon. We also played around with my co-worker, Jens hair…..she wanted teal…well she got teal πŸ™‚

And we also did another receptionists hair…christie….she is now a rockstar with her pink and purple streaks..

If you are looking for “rainbow” hair…or something fun…definitely come see me! I love this stuff…
Anyways, time to get my drink on…just made a “coffee smoothie” with some Kahula in it…yea, its pretty much amazing and a great start to the holiday weekend. Make sure you “like” my stylist page on Facebook!!!
Click the link and like me please…trying to get 200 likes!


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