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Pastel Hair!!….

on May 20, 2012

Hey there! So its a dreary/windy Sunday…what a better way to spend it re-doing my hair. I have a designated chunk of hair in my bangs that is pretty much fried from lightening over and over. Yes, I know…..I’m a hairdresser, however I know the consequences of using 40 vol on a piece of hair over and over….can we say breakage? LOL…anyways……I re-lightened my purple/gray/brown piece in the front again to a nice pinkish/orange color and re-applied a pastel pink to it. Pastel tones are in this summer and I wanted to try it. Pretty much you mix conditioner with the color to tone it down a little before applying it to the hair. I feel as if the conditioner is an added bonus too because this piece definitely needs conditioning. With the wedding and all coming up, I want to make sure that my hair continues to stay healthy (besides the front piece) so that way it will look fabulous for the wedding 🙂 


Pics will be posted soon….hope it turns out a lovely shade of cotton candy pink :p
Now onto the task of dinner…Chicken ~n~ Dumplings!! My favorite…


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